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Robin’s Priorities

Encourage cooperation

Cooperation within our community builds understanding, creates dialogue and fosters well-conceived “win-win” solutions to today’s challenges. Leaders and citizens working together bridges gaps in understanding and will move Troy forward. Regionally, cooperation brings efficiencies and economy of scale in service delivery, as well as understanding across boundaries.


Regain Troy’s reputation as an exceptional place to live and work

Safety is a community value and must be maintained—funding of Troy Police and Fire Departments is essential. Our roads must be maintained, even while encouraging taking cars off the roads. Snow must be cleared efficiently and effectively. Employee carpooling, flextime and telecommuting need to become the accepted norm of Troy business. Neighborhoods must be kept safe.


Build economic diversity and 21st century jobs

Council’s role is to set policy which encourages new investment and reinvestment in Troy. Our new Master Land Use Plan and zoning ordinances make redevelopment simpler while protecting established neighborhoods. New investment will expand and stabilize our tax base, bring new jobs and solidify Troy’s place as the economic engine for Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. It will give our residents jobs right in their hometown.

About Robin

Robin Beltramini grew up in Allen Park and attended Allen Park High School before her family moved to Illinois. After high school graduation, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology with minors in psychology and business from the University of Illinois. Robin’s professional life has been spent in leadership training, sociological research, real estate sales and property management and data and publications research. She is currently a member of the Troy City Council.

Robin has been married to Richard “Dick” Beltramini since 1972. Dick is a Professor of Marketing at Wayne State University.

They have two married daughters, Elizabeth who serves as Director of Programs and Resources for the Association of College Unions International in Bloomington IN and Amanda who is the Outreach Coordinator for the Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit at Case Western University while living in Chicago IL. The newest addition to the family is Elizabeth and Ryan’s daughter Hazel, born April 14, 2011.

Robin is seeking election as Mayor to provide leadership that works to find common ground as Troy faces tough decisions, to use her experience and networks with other communities to partner and implement innovative ideas reducing costs and creating efficiencies in order to retain services, and to actively pursue redevelopment and increased investment in the City which will ultimately bring additional jobs and tax revenue. These goals are reflected in Robin’s priorities for Troy.

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