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Robin’s Record of Achievement

Robin’s Record on Maintaining our Quality of Life in a Safe and Livable City:

Consistently votes to fully fund Troy Police and Fire Departments
Consistently votes to improve our road system and fund sidewalks
Supports park development to allow families more recreational opportunities close to home
Advocates for transit readiness in Troy

Robin’s Record on Building Economic Diversity and Jobs:

Regularly visits with business owners to encourage investment in Troy
Supports incentives that bring jobs to Troy
Chairs the Troy SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority
Supports implementation of both the Big Beaver and Maple Road Corridor Studies

Robin’s Record on Inclusiveness:

Primary initiator of both the Troy Youth Council and the Civic Center Priority Task Force
Consistently works for early, thorough citizen participation prior to decision-making
Supported a “new vision” for Troy’s future which resulted in the Futures 2020 project
Initiated honoring service men and women as they return from overseas deployment

Why Robin’s Attention to Detail Matters:

By carefully reviewing meeting agenda items, Robin has questioned issues and saved hundreds of thousands of Troy dollars where costs or dates had been miscalculated
Efficiencies can be achieved only when decisions are thorough so that unintended consequences and revisions do not wipe out cost savings
Government being efficient is not enough—it also must be effective

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