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Why Robin is the Ideal Candidate

Robin is a leader who listens.
Robin has consistently looked for common ground when tough decisions had to be made.
Robin worked hard to promote community involvement in the decision-making processes.
Robin actively seeks citizen input.

Experience and perspective are essential to move Troy forward.
Robin has experience in the not-for-profit sector.
As CFO of a 100,000+ member international association she handled property acquisition and management, lending and overall financial operations.
She has served on local and national foundation boards of directors.
She continues to serve as Vice Chair of Troy Youth Assistance and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Women Officials’ Network Foundation.
Robin has experience in the private sector.
As a research consultant she has designed and implemented health care prognostic studies.
She has sold real estate in multiple states.
She has decades of experience in property management, sales, office management and budgeting.
As a research associate, she learned the necessity of attention to detail, which she has applied to her City Council decisions and saved the City hundreds of thousands of dollars through her questioning of allocations.
Robin has experience in the public sector.
She has been active in on-site and district school improvement committees.
For the City of Troy, she served on the Zoning Board of Appeals, four years on the Planning Commission and the Board of Review, including chairmanships of both boards.
For the last 10 years, she has been a member of the City Council.
She has gained valuable insight and certification in areas of local government leadership.
She has a nationwide network of colleagues from which to draw when considering new practices and innovations.

Robin understands the plan to maintain a high quality community while operating in a lean economic environment.
We began with a three-year budget process which gave us a true assessment of the impact of the recent recession on our city budget.
We moved rapidly to achieve sustainable levels of service and staffing.
Rolling budgets over multiple years mitigate some of the depressions in property value and grant funding.
We can amend the plan as fortunes or needs change.
We have instituted quarterly budget reviews as a practice.
We know that the early retirements by senior staff have created approximately $2.6million of space in the budget for the next two years. After analysis, we may be able to expand our snow removal protocol and/or eliminate some of the projected staffing decreases.
We know that the key to improving our community fortunes in the near future is increased investment.
Redevelopment brings jobs and tax dollars—without a tax increase to non-redeveloped properties.
Neighborhoods are kept safe and business districts can flourish under our new Master Land Use Plan and the clear options of the new zoning ordinance.


Robin is endorsed by:
TRUST (Troy Residents Unified for a Strong Troy)
Troy Police Officers Association
Troy Command Officers Association
Troy Fire Staff Officers Association
County Commissioners Mike Bosnic and Gary McGillivray
Former Mayor Jeanne Stine
Former Councilman Dave Lambert

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